U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Indiana Lawsuit Against EPA


The U.S. Supreme Court announced today it will hear a case brought by Indiana, along with 11 other states, challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulategreenhouse gas emissions.

The high court has decided to hear the case during the current session, although it has not set a scheduled date for when arguments will be heard.

The lawsuit, originally filed by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, argues the EPA’s regulations on greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide, from power plants and refineries violate the Clean Air Act.

As NPR reports, the case specifically challenges a policy that requires new power plants and other big polluting facilities to apply for permits to emit greenhouse gases.

To get these permits, which have been required since 2011, companies may have to use pollution controls or otherwise reduce greenhouse gases from their operations — although industries report that so far they haven’t had to install special pollution control equipment to qualify for the permits.

Read more at IndianaPublicMedia.org. By Claire McInerny and Tom Brinkman.


  1. This is great news then. Good thing, the U.S. Supreme Court has finally decided to hear the case brought by Indiana the other states. I really do hope everything goes well from here.

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