EPA Stages Armed Raid In Tiny Alaska Town To Check For “Dirty Water”

The Alaska Environmental Crimes Task Force recently sent eight armed agents wearing body armor to the tiny remote town of Chicken, Alaska to check for dirty water.

Agents descended on the small community of only 17 residents and dozens of seasonal miners in late August.

According to some miners, armed agents checked for violations of the Clean Water Act, which covers how water is discharged.

“Imagine coming up to your diggings, only to see agents swarming over it like ants, wearing full body armor, with jackets that say POLICE emblazoned on them, and all packing side arms,” gold miner C.R. “Dick” Hammond told the Alaska Dispatch.

The Alaska Environmental Crimes Task Force is controlled by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Read more at Opposing Views. By Michael Allen.

Photo credit: Wonderlane (Creative Commons)

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