Dr. James Hansen: Millionaire Watermelon Activist


Dr. James Hansen is an enemy of free enterprise and fossil fuels. He's a NASA bureaucrat with enormous power over climate data.

Dr. James Hansen is one of the most vocal watermelon activists in the globalist movement.

Hansen is a longtime liberal media darling, an Al Gore adviser and former John Kerry campaigner who runs the Goddard Institute for Space Studies under NASA.

Hansen is a political green activist who rakes in millions of dollars from environmental groups as well as George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

Christopher Horner, author of The Politically Incorrect Guide To Climate Change (And Global Warming) has been a longtime critic of Dr. Hansen. In fact, his organization, the American Tradition Institute, has sued NASA under the Freedom of Information Act for information on Hansen’s financial arrangements with green activist groups. According to Horner, “Hansen’s office appears to be somewhat of a vogue operation. It’s clearly a taxpayer-funded global warming advocacy organization.”

In early October, the American Tradition Institute’s Environmental Law Center received 2010 financial disclosures on Hansen. The financial data received revealed that Hansen got between $236,000 and $1,232,500 in extra income outside his job as a federal employee. He got between $150,000 and $1.1 million in prizes and $60,000 for travel expenses.

In 2010, Hansen won The Blue Planet Prize for: “Having predicted global warming in the early stage and warned that it would very probably cause destructive results for life on Earth, he called on the governments and the public to take immediate action to reduce and mitigate the impact of climate change.” He is wrong, of course.

He also won The Sophie Prize, for “for his clear communication of the threat posed by climate change and for his genuine commitment to future generations.” According to The Sophie Prize web site: “Hansen strongly believes that we need to phase out our coal mining and let fossil reserves stay in the ground. If all reserves of oil, gas and coal that still exist on this planet are used and the emissions are let out into the atmosphere it will be the end of our civilization. Still ‘some see it as their God-given right to harvest and burn all fossil fuels that are within their territories,’ states Hansen.”

The Sophie Prize web site is clearly anti-free enterprise and pro-centralized government. It states: “Today’s economic system is at odds with the limits set by nature. Too many decisions are based on short-term profit for a few select groups rather than a moral and fair distribution of the world’s resources.

“For as long as the means allow, The Sophie Prize will be awarded to an individual or an organization that, in a pioneering or a particularly creative way, has pointed to alternatives to the present development and put such alternatives into practice.” Hansen is their man.

Hansen clearly opposes the use of fossil fuels and also believes that nations have no right to their own resources. In other words, he opposes national sovereignty.

His extremist views are detailed in Watermelons: The Green Movement’s True Colors by James Delingpole and in Climategate by award-winning meteorologist Brian Sussman.

Delingpole notes that Hansen wrote a glowing recommendation for Times Up, a book written by a deep green environmentalist known as Keith Farnish. In it, Farnish calls for activists to sabotage economies and makes this astounding statement: “The only way to prevent global ecological collapse and thus ensure the survival of humanity is to rid the world of Industrial Civilization.” (Delingpole, James (2011-07-06). Watermelons: The Green Movement’s True Colors (Kindle Locations 2621-2622). Publius Books. Kindle Edition.)

What does Hansen say about Farnish’s work? He’s blunt: “Keith Farnish has it right: time has practically run out, and the ‘system’ is the problem. Governments are under the thumb of fossil fuel special interests—they will not look after our and the planet’s well-being until we force them to do so, and that is going to require enormous effort.” (Delingpole, James (2011-07-06). Watermelons: The Green Movement’s True Colors (Kindle Locations 2635-2637). Publius Books. Kindle Edition.)

Sussman describes some of Hansen’s radical leftist activities:

“A slick marketer, Hansen seems to possess an insatiable appetite for media attention—especially when the person asking questions is favorable to his point of view. In 2007, Hansen agreed to an interview on a rooftop in downtown San Francisco conducted by a counterculture, Internet-based outfit called TUC Radio (TUC is an acronym for ‘Time of Useful Consciousness’—the time between the onset of oxygen deficiency and the loss of consciousness). During the interview Hansen hardly sounded like an honorable director of a U.S. government agency, but more like Marxist community agitator: ‘I tell young people that they had better start to act up. Because they are the ones that will suffer the most. Many of the changes will take time, but we’re setting them in motion now. We’re leaving a situation for our children and grandchildren which is not of their making, but they’re going to suffer because of it. So I think they should start to act up and put some pressure on their elders, and on legislatures, and begin to get some action.’” (Sussman, Brian (2010-04-22). Climategate: A Veteran Meteorologist Exposes the Global Warming Scam (p. 47-48). WND Books. Kindle Edition.)

Hansen is an outspoken enemy of coal, which fuels an estimated 50% of our electricity. He told the London Observer in 2009: “The trains carrying coal to power plants are death trains. Coal-fired power plants are factories of death.” According to Hansen, “…chief executives of large fossil fuel companies to [should] be put on trial for high crimes against humanity and nature.”

In short, Hansen is a taxpayer-funded watermelon who despises fossil fuel and believes that the destruction of industrial civilization would be a positive thing.



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