IER Identifies Coal Fired Power Plants Likely To Close As Result Of EPA Regulations

“So if somebody wants to build a coal-fired plant they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them…”
– Barack Obama speaking to San Francisco Chronicle, January 2008
The United States has the world’s largest coal resources. In fact we have 50 percent more coal than Russia, the country with the next largest reserves. But coal use in the United States is under assault.

Before becoming President, Barak Obama promised to bankrupt coal companies. As President, he has tried various strategies to force Americans to use less coal. After failing to pass a national energy tax (cap-and-trade), the President vowed to continue his attack on coal stating, there is “more than one way to skin a cat.”

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  1. I think Obama has caused enough problems in the United States without putting more regulations on industry. When they shut down the power plants, this does nothing but cripple the whole United States. He is out to take this country under. People listen up! when you shut down power plants, you shut down coal mines, and you shut down a whole lot of industry that makes the trucks, the equipment to mine the coal. Plus the trains that haul the coal. You are talking of taking away Thousands of jobs, big paying jobs. This country just cannot live this kind of thinking.

    • The E.P.A , at the behest of President O’Bama, is enforcing stringent emission standards on coal fired power plants. This will cause some plants to be closed while others must undergo multi billion dollar modifications.
      Consequently, electricity rates will increase significantly.

      When Presidential candidate O’Bama said “Under my plan, electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket.”, he was not kidding. He also said he would “bankrupt coal companies.”

      This does not bode well for the electric/hybrid cars that President O’Bama wants us all to drive.

      Meanwhile, the U.S. is exporting record amounts of coal to other countries, primarily in the Far East, which have much less stringent emission standards than the U.S.

      When this exported coal is burned, the resulting emissions will enter the atmosphere and will be dispersed around the world (including the U.S.) by the jet stream and other currents.

      Furthermore, much of the mercury emissions from this exported coal will enter the oceans of the Far East. In 2009, imports made up 84% of the seafood eaten in the United States, most coming from the Far East. (From NOAA reports)

      This example of unintended consequences will: 1.) destroy more U.S. jobs, 2.) raise the cost of producing goods in the U.S., 3.) increase home cooling and heating costs, 4.) increase the level of pollutants in the atmosphere, more so than if the coal were burned in the U.S., and 5.) subject American consumers to more mercury in their seafood.

      If President O’Bama and the EPA are so concerned about mercury emissions form U.S. coal fired power plants, why are they not concerned about mercury filled light bulbs that are being foisted on the American public by the federal government?

      If President O’Bama had used the $700 billion in stimulus- money to upgrade power plants, instead of rewarding his supporters, U.S. power plants and American consumers would not be facing this costly dilemma.

      This EPA boondoggle is just another nail in the coffin of the U.S. economy

  2. Mary Ammerman says:

    Where do these fools in DC think they are going to get their electricity if the coal mines are shut down?

  3. Rhalstead says:

    I don't like coal and I don't like fossil fuels, BUT there is little alternative and no financially viable alternative at present no matter how much stimulus Obama throws at it. We need to take advantage of our own coal,oil, and gas reserves to become less dependent on other countries and to increase our National Defense by being self sufficient.

    Stop for a minute and think how these regulations are going to affect the US. Not only will they cost an estimated job loss of over 1 million, but it will reduce our competitiveness with other countries who are not limiting themselves.

    Obama's quest has cost millions of jobs and will cost millions more. It will reduce the US's ability to compete on the world stage and it may leave thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands of homes (and businesses) without power as he uses the EPA to implement policies he could not get through congress. It also appears at least to me that these policies will affect our national defense as much as recent changes to remove proven terrorist organizations from training materials because some found them offensive. (Another reason for removing Holder from his office)

  4. Rhalstead says:

    Obama claims the Republicans keep blocking his efforts to create jobs, but it's Obama's own policies that have cost millions of jobs in the US. He won't let US oil companies drill, but gives Brazil Billions of dollars so they can drill. His policies are the most job restrictive and small business unfriendly of any president I can remember yet like many youngsters he has to blame some one else. He backs the Occupy Wall Street Fleabaggers who want to destroy Capitalism. These are mostly college students and college graduates have an average unemployment of just over 4%, a figure the rest of the population would be over joyed to see. OTOH after seeing and hearing those students I don't think I'd hire them either. The interviews I've see show they have the communications skills as well as decision making capabilities of 4th or 5th graders although I do not mean to insult 4th and 5th graders.

    Congress needs to reign in or even eliminate the EPA although I do see valid reasons for the EPA if it's power is limited and there is some strong oversight.

  5. Through-out WV there are billboards stating, "You are entering an Obama no work area." Most of the coal operated power plants have already been shut down. The rest are scheduled to be closed. No Coal for power, no mines working…Higher electric bills and brown-outs. And Obama is still pushing for plug-in cars. What I want to know is what outlet do you plug them into if we have no electric? Wind Power? Read the history of why other countries (including our own) have found that they don't work or are to expensive to operate. Or we could take lots and lots of land by Eminent Domain, take it out of the soil bank, and forget about growing food for the soon to be starving people, so that we could build gigantic fields full of solar collectors. AND THE LIBS CALL THIS MAN A GENIUS? Of what? Hoops? Vacations? Throwing away the taxpayer's money? Doing NOTHING? Apologizing to every country in the world? Picking the wrong people to advise him? Maybe we should let him spend the rest of his stay at the WH operating a Lemonade stand…UNTIL IT WENT BROKE! So much for an empty shirt! xm

  6. The United States has the world’s largest coal resources. In fact we have 50 percent more coal than Russia, the country with the next largest reserves. But coal use in the United States is under assault.
    “So if somebody wants to build a coal-fired plant they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them…”
    – Barack Obama speaking to San Francisco Chronicle, January 2008

  7. There is a reason that the U.S.A. is such a great country!! God blessed us with so many resources for us to self-sustained no matter what happens to the rest of the world, that we can be the shining light on the hill for others to come to for help!! BUT, because we have those in high places who themselves think they are gods and goddesses have found a way to destroy the very purpose of our great country, they have taken away our ability to use those God given resources to continue to allow us to help ourselves and others. Now we are dependent upon those who disrespect us and want to destroy our way of life and our blessed freedoms. Such a sad commentary on what has happened in the past 50 years……..sooooo sad!!!

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