Congressman On The Role of States in Protecting the Environment

I agree very much with Congressman John Shimkus (R-Ill.)


  1. It is not a question of finding scientific expertise at the state level equal to those in the EPA. That would not be at all difficult. It is the problem of political appointees at the top of any such agency or legislative body who are able to stifle scientific study and analysis. This has been more than adequately demonstrated by the EPA. Aside from the rare whistle blower who is willing to sacrifice his career, these bodies whether locally elected or not are subject to politics from the top.

    Noting that at least 70% of our population is scientifically
    (and economically) illiterate…
    "…a popular government, without popular information or the
    means to acquire it is prologue to a farce, or a tragedy, or
    perhaps both. " James Madison
    "It is most definitely the path to uncertain peril" C.H.Cummings

    Since educating an entire populace is out the question, we should be searching for a workable solution to this dilemma.

  2. Shocking, I didn't realize there was anyone left in IL with any common sense.

  3. We now live in very modern and advance world there an uneducated person cannot survive healthy, happily and actively because your education makes your way of living more advance and well aware about the surroundings. An educated person lives a comfortable life in the society with courage and great confidence.

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