EPA Wants Arizona Residents Left Without Electricity!

The Political Port informs viewers of a ruling brought forth by the EPA…


  1. jmsmaxwell says:

    Based upon recent EPA ruling across the land this may only be the tip of the iceberg that is waing to
    happens to other parts ouf our naiton. With the osocialist hatred of coal and his stated goal to break
    or destory the Coal industry there is a very real possiblity that we will continue to lose more coal fired
    power plants. Due to EPA rulings we have have over 100 plus coal fired plants shut down because
    of drakonian regulation imposed by the EPA. We have had numerous plants under construction stoped
    because they cannot keep up with the proposed regulaiton that change daily. Do not whine nor cry
    this summer when we have massive rolling blackouts across the nation as a results of this BS laid out
    by the organizer in chief while he plays golf on the TAX payers money.

  2. So much for Obama's EPA Rules…this is getting out of hand & MUST stop!

  3. The EPA can be defunded, likewise the UN. These organizations would be better off headquartered in Brussels.

    • I would ship 'em to North Korea.

    • No way…There is a scripture that says the smoke from that babylon, that seduces all the nations, will go up for ever!!! That is the UN, and New York There is no one else that seduces ALL the nations, except the UN!! It is the only place in the world that fits that bill!!!

  4. Donald Mather says:

    GET THE EPA OUT OF OUR BUSINESS??????? EPA MAK RULES then congress needs to JUSTIFY.. the pass on to business????????? Certify need ?

  5. EPA has no problems ruling over the lives of the people regardless of their being citizens of AZ or the other 56 states. States need to be practicing nullification of Obamas practices.

    • They just trying to get us used to the coming police state, which will get here first? Police State or the second revolution? Does it stand a chance, with all the spying against ALL the people of this country, they can use drones to plant a bomb on you anywhere, so if we get a group of people together to plan….they will know and can destroy! I hope someone is keeping track where the DHS' ammunition is being stored! hehe

  6. Sounds like we need the states to pass legislation outlawing the EPA and their radical rules as some have done with gun legislation. They too often write their regulations based on fraudulent science and or radical whims with no consideration to the impact they have on infrastructure or cost to the citizens. This Organization has been conducting their own form of environmental warfare on this country with the Blessings and approval of the fraud in the white house

  7. The EPA needs to be abolished right now, for good.

  8. What did you folks in Arizona would happen when the EPA starts shutting down POWER PLANTS. It's time that we the people demand that our elected officials pass legislation that would SHUT DOWN this most corrupt organization. If we don't act, I fear that all states will be singing this Arizona tune. Wake up people.

    • They have shut down almost ALL coal fired plants on the east coast, and many places like Virginia caol is their livilihood!! Might be a petty cold winter on the Eastern Seaboard!!

  9. Edward Shick says:

    This is probaly one of the worst thins in our Government It should be desolved ,, Then get rid of UN it's not our Friend ether ,We have about 90% of the most greedy people running or destroying America , We need to get them out of office Term limits !1

  10. Is it any wonder the residents of these 57 states that make up the USSA clearly comprehend the potential need for any and every weapon they can get their hands on to protect themselves from the excesses of this centuries crop of so called whiz kids. Might we suggest for those few who can and do read that they study the impact of one Robert Strange M—- on the military of the old USA during the little South East Asian games we played back in the twentieth century.SF

  11. Yes, the EPA is trying to remain relevant and they don't care who they hurt to keep their cushy jobs. We in AZ are waiting for the you-know-what to hit the fan….and…..it will definitely have an effect in our state on the 2014 mid-terms…Keep the House and get control of the Senate and Conservatives can slow down the destruction of our country and survive until 2016. We've had enough……..

  12. wow! 57 states! please post the names of 51 thru 57.

  13. Clifford E Ball Sr says:

    The EPA , the Obama Administration and the National Socialist Party (Dems) are enemies of our Constitutional Republic and are out to destroy this nation qnd the freedoms we enjoy. Yes we a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy What we need is a "1776" again. But, does this generation have the intestinal fortitude, the backbone or the "kahoonies" to do what they did back then? After all, 51% voted for the destruction of our nation. Back then most of the people did not care what kind of government they had, just like most of the people today do not care. One more question. What is the difference between the National Socialist German Workers Party before WW2 and the National Socialist American Workers Party (Dems) of today?

  14. pookieamos says:

    ZOANR , people are referencing 57 states , because that monster Obama said there was in an interview, several years back , duh !

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