No good reason to say ‘no’ to Keystone

Nearly 170 billion barrels of Canadian oil sands fuel could be recovered economically with today’s technology — 20 percent by mining and 80 percent through drilling and steam injection. Much of this oil is already pipelined to the Midwest. Far more could move from Alberta to Texas if the Environmental Protection AgencyState Department and White House finally approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman has approved that state’s portion of Keystone, saying its revised route avoids areas that critics had earlier claimed were too environmentally sensitive. All six states along the proposed 2,000-mile route now support the pipeline. Fifty-three U.S. senators have signed a bipartisan letter, urging President Obama to approve the $7 billion project, which has already been studied for four years.

Keystone would create an estimated 20,000 construction, equipment and service jobs in Nebraska and other states during the building phase. Over the next 20 years, it would support up to 465,000 more jobs in the 2,000 American companies that already support oil sands operations or utilize the hydrocarbons in motor fuel, petrochemical manufacturing and other industries, while generating hundreds of billions in sales, employee wages and gross domestic product — and tens of billions in federal, state and local property, sales and income taxes.

In short, Keystone and oil sands are essential if we are to put Americans back to work, reduce budget deficits and pay for Obamacare, Medicare, Social Security, defense and other programs.

Approval should be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, radical environmental groups are determined to sabotage the pipeline. Their assertions underscore how desperate, ideologically driven, intellectually bankrupt and indifferent to the jobs and welfare of average Americans they have become.

Read more at The Washington Times. By Paul Driessen.


  1. jmsmaxwell says:

    The only reason to say NO to the Keyston pipeline is it does not fit into the scheme of domination that
    the socialist democrat party has planned to for destruction of our naiton. They are not intersted in
    reversing thier welfare state plans or the our financial recover from thier corrupt plans. Their goal is
    simple, to destroy our nation and its principles that founded it so they can reshape it into the same
    programs that destoryed Russia thru socialism and a dictatorship.

  2. Edward Shick says:

    This is a shame as at our Husky refinery they just up dated and were preparing to process more oil , This Pipe line would help put people to work and benefit The US & Canada ,,,, but our White house has no plans to do any thing but destroy America ,, It's a shame We do not At least impeach the traitor That Trained in Russia and Has Iraian born Vallerii Jarrot making his desicians right from the Kremlin

  3. Charles of Waveland says:

    The only bad thing about the keystone pipeline is that the Mafia Union wants all of the control of anything to do with the line………………

  4. Obutface will never approve it. It is against his take over agenda to have people working and making their own way and not depending on the government. He does care if people are working only the oposite way than he should.

  5. GOD INSIRED THE BIBLE; II TIMOTHY 3:16-17; II PETER 1:117-21. Billions of Christians today and through the ages have been persuaded by fact that this is true. If you believe the Earth so fragile, and set your purpose in life and the purpose of this planet which you concieve is easily wasted, you don't believe The Bible. Do you read and believe The Bible? Recognize also the truth of Genesis 1:28 that man is to "fill the Earth and subdue it?" The word subdue in the Hebrew means to conquer, subjugate, enslave, exploit.. Now we have a serious conflict between God telling us that the Earth is made, like a car, or a potato to enable man's life here and to be used up in service to him! This, versus those who believe man came from worms and trash in the swamp gas and has risen to the rank of, the monkey on display in the zoo scratching and exposing himself-not believing God's morals. Have you noticed that those believing themselves such don't practice Bible principles but display their body parts in public like that monkey in a zoo and live unfaithful lives to match. God's plan for personal and public policy is much better. Also watch the way they mis-use or can't read long enough to get the Biblical context and so use it to prove bad teaching contrary to actual Bible doctrine. of which a full understanding Christian makes use..

  6. gvhparkridge says:

    The pipeline will be approved but will be partially owned by China. Think not huh? What better way to get rid of the debt we owe China, sell them the pipeline…They sold the parking meters in Chicago (just for 70 years)

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