Arizona sues U.S. EPA over coal power plant emissions

Arizona challenged in federal court U.S. environmental regulators efforts to force Arizona power companies to spend up to $1 billion to install pollution control equipment at three coal plants to reduce haze in the region’s national parks.

Arizona’s Attorney General Tom Horne said in a statement last week the emission control measures proposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would not affect health or be reduce emissions visible to the human eye.

“This is an absurd action that would significantly raise utility rates for most Arizonans without providing any benefit to anyone,” Horne said in a statement.

Officials at the EPA were not immediately available for comment.

On behalf of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, which filed a plan to reduce emissions in 2011 that was replaced by the EPA’s proposal, Horne filed with the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals challenging the EPA’s plan to impose new haze restrictions.

Read more at Reuters. By Scott DeSavino.

Photo credit: dherrera_96 (Creative Commons)


  1. If we had true Americans in the House of Representatives that were really interested in jobs they would defund the EPA.

  2. Dan Stewart says:

    The quickest way to recover from the depression is to get rid of the illegal pos potus. Why is everyone in authority afraid to acknowledge that he NOT natural born & therefore NOT a legal potus. Actually, I don't think he is even an American citizen, his American citizenship, if he had it, was voided when he was adopted by an indonesian. How can he get by with hiding all his records & only a very few people saying anything. Those speaking out are condemmed by the "slime stream media" & then have their legitment cases thrown out by the liberal traitorous slimey judges. Future generations, if there are any, will scratch their heads & wonder how this was allowed to happen.

  3. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is the most liberal court in the country. AZ needs to think about nullification of the rules.

  4. Bill Oglesby says:

    What those idiots at the EPA don't realize is that after spending a billion dollars, the heat will extract the moisture from the ground and there will still be haze. I believe that the EPA, TVA, Amtrak, US Postal Service would be a good start in not only defunding, but completely abolishing. Then we should start working on eliminating the "power elite", all of the politicians and lobbyist in D.C.

  5. The EPA's phony "haze" concern has brought this on….really, they are just trying to keep their jobs by finding more citizens to harass!! Look at the blue sky in the picture…I'm looking out my kitchen window right now and see the same blue sky….almost every day. If there is any haze to be seen, it comes from moisture in the air or rising from the ground, we are told. And we need the moisture!! We don't need the EPA butting into our lives and raising our energy costs out of sight!! They are simply concerned with their own welfare, not ours!!!

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