Left-Wing Nut: Global Warming Is Driving Up Gun Violence in Chicago

Former Playboy CEO Christie Hefner told MSNBC that global warming is behind the record murder rate in Chicago…


  1. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Here are another few factors contributing to violence in Chicago, and in our other large urban areas that have been in thrall to Democrat politics for decades: the debased culture, the moral decline, the public corruption, the lack of personal responsibility, the decline of the family unit, and the ”anything goes” promiscuity without consequences preached by the liberals. When you create a Godless decadent society, you must be prepared to live with the result.

  2. The powers that be, think we're so stupid that their lies don't even have to sound remotely believeable anymore. Tell me which of the three laws of thermodynamics covers gun violence?

  3. What a totally blatant idiot. Where do these liberal idiots get these ridiculous ideas?

  4. Strange propaganda coming out of NASA. Their own satellite records show no average increase in warming for more than a decade after the natural 30 year warming cycle ending in 1998. These cycles have been observed many times before the CO2 began to increase which started after 1940 . An average warming trend has been going on for the last 400 years after the little ice age in late 1500 to early 1600. Certainly having nothing to do with CO2.

  5. Erik Osbun says:

    What a denizen of the world of SFB looks like.

  6. This obammy robot is juust like the others, an idiot !!!!

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