Unbelievably Rude Alarmist Calls Skeptic A “Freak”

You know, sometimes the alarmists do a great job at embarrassing themselves (contains strong language.)


  1. Did they say the same thing to Michael (the Pig) Moore about his documentaries.

  2. agentlesoul says:

    Say, I'd like to debate you!! Vera, you have a very nice, if flat, voice. The words it speaks are limited, however; but perhaps that's all you have for your argument. Don't you really think that Mr Phelim McAleer is quite a nice man? (How do think you would have handled your abuse?)

  3. Richard Cancemi says:

    Who is this Vera Scroggins? She is an example of a castrating female, or at least tries to be, She has no class about her. She is about as ignorant sounding as any liberal. All she can do is overtalk a person and insult with name-calling. I do not know who the man is either nor what the "film" is about.
    All I can see is that the man comported himself well while the female acted like a bar room devotee with a nasty mouth. Who can be attracted to a woman like that? Another woman?

    • Who could be attracted to a woman like this? That's a good question, but the answer is quite simple. She is what is called a "Community Organizer", just like the fellow sitting in the Oval Office. The methods used are extreme (ly rude) to say the least, but the idea is to accomplish through what ever means, no matter how obnoxious, illegal or false, the goal set by this "community organizer". They are a varient of the ordinary, garden variety Communist – in most cases these days this means followers of that fool Alinsky. The answer to the question is "no decent person would be attracted to her". Notice she said almost nothing about the subject, fracking, but simply assailed the speaker, saying almost every obnoxious word she could think of to apply to him and shock the audience. She is absolutely on the wrong side of this fracking issue, so she simply slanders and lies about the messenger. America, if you don't get rid of these anti-Americans, you will not survive – they are too stupid to go away on their own.

  4. Joel Steinberger says:

    Regardless of which side a person may take regarding EPA, demonizing an opponent certainly adds no light. The woman whose is heard has no facts with which to counter the position of the other side. All she can do is vent her anger at being confronted by a man with a different mind set and opinion when she has no facts with which to rebut him. I wonder what satisfaction she gets after she comes home and replays her behavior. Does she think insulting the other side gives weight to her opinion? We see a lot of this today in our political debate from the self-righteous among us

  5. This Vera Scroggins is a perfect example of today's liberal She can do nothing but talk over, interrup and generally make an ass of herself. Shs ignored the real science, like most liberals, but she BELIEVES everthing the left-wing media and envirofreaks have fed her. They ignore science, yet embrace half-truth abd diwnright lies as a religion.

  6. This women? is the stupidist piece of humanity I have ever heard, I think she is the one who fell on her head, if she had a brain it would be loanly.

  7. I was told at a young age that you can tell a persons intelligence by the word they speak. Vera NEEDS MORE GOVERNMENT EDUCATION, I'd say about 12 more years!!! I would say she is at the level of a first grade bully by her so called journalism….. definitely grade school material……..

  8. Bob Higginbotham says:

    I don't who this dip Scroggins is but she is a real piece of work. She talks about being harrassed but she's the one with the mouth.

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