One step forward, two steps back on EPA overreach

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Let’s start with the bad news. It’s a couple days old, and you need only check the glee at enviro-blogs and Kos to see how unfortunate it is for those of us who like freedom, a thriving economy, and the prosperity they provide.


The Supreme Court refused on Tuesday to consider reducing the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to set air quality standards, leaving intact a tough new limit on sulfur dioxide emissions in a victory for the Obama administration…

“The EPA’s efforts to regulate greenhouse gases during Obama’s first term have been upheld in court, which is a favorable sign for proponents of climate change regulation,” said David Uhlmann, a University of Michigan law professor and former chief of the U.S. Department of Justice Environmental Crimes Section, in a telephone interview.

The decision certainly strengthens the hand of this rarely rebuked White House, which prefers to make sweeping changes in law without bothering with legislation, anyway. And, while the administration is remaking large parts of the economy via regulation, not legislation, it keeps the country in the dark by ignoring its legal requirement to put forth a unified regulatory agenda twice a year. When the federal government refuses (for the first time since the requirement became law by the way) to provide even basic transparency in its regulatory process, guess who suffers most? Hint: It’s not giant corporations and rich actors with well-funded lobbyists in positions to know what’s coming without the publishing of a unified agenda.

Read more at Hot Air. By Mary Katherine Ham.

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