“FrackNation” Review

The documentary, “FrackNation,” features freelance Irish journalist Phelim McAleer, directly challenging the anti-fracking documentary, “Gasland,” produced by Josh Fox. And in light of a recently released Hollywood movie, “The Promised Land,” starring Matt Damon, “FrackNation,” a refreshing and factual take on the issue of fracking, becomes all the more relevant.

Fracking, short for hydraulic fracturing, is a process used to extract natural gas or oil out of the earth after fracturing rocks beneath the surface of the earth using chemicals and other fluids injected through high pressure.

In “Gasland,” Josh Fox claims that fracking causes contamination of the groundwater, leading to increases in cancer in local residents, while causing earthquakes and bad air quality. McAleer effectively challenges each point in its entirety.

Fox, according to McAleer, has no basis for blaming fracking for contaminated groundwater. When local residents were interviewed in Dimock, Pennsylvania, they mostly agreed that they knew there were always some minerals, like flammable methane, in their water. The famous scene in “Gasland,” where Fox lit water on fire, ignores this fact and fails to acknowledge that methane in water is commonplace throughout the U.S. When one family, the Sautners, was interviewed, they claimed their water was cloudy like dirt. But, when shown on camera, the water appeared to be clear. The husband, however, insisted the water was still dirty.

McAleer also tackles the accusation that fracking causes cancer.  A retired New York University professor said that he is seeking cancer treatment, but he doesn’t blame fracking for it, just a bad stroke of luck. Studies conducted in Dish, Texas showed that there was no correlation or causation between cancer patients and living in a fracking area, contrary to what Fox and “Gasland” portray as fact.

Read more at Accuracy In Media. By Don Irvine.


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