Sierra Club Will Break The Law to Stop Keystone XL Pipeline

Yesterday, I reported in my column, “President Obama Promises a Big Push on Climate Change,” that environmental activists will gather in DC for theForward on Climate Rally on February 17th.  The protest organizers, the Sierra Club and, are hoping that the “largest climate rally in history” will persuade President Obama not to approve the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. That pipeline would transport to Gulf Coast refineries nearly a million barrels per day of petroleum derived from Canada’s oilsands.

The board of directors of the Sierra Club consider the pipeline so threatening to the globe’s climate that it has for the first time ever authorized members to participate in peaceful civil disobedience:

“For civil disobedience to be justified, something must be so wrong that it compels the strongest defensible protest,” said Michael Brune, Sierra Club Executive Director. “We are watching a global crisis unfold before our eyes, and to stand aside and let it happen — even though we know how to stop it — would be unconscionable.”

Read more at Reason. By Ronald Bailey.


  1. These people are just plain off the deep end. They wan their way or no way.

    • These people are out of their minds. Our air has never been cleaner then it is today and to think that anyone planet has control of nature must have a screw loose somewhere. People just have no common sense anymore, its unbelieveable.

    • Dwain Holmes says:

      I grew up on the Platte n River Valley and My family still owns the land!!The river used to be self cleaning but then some of these idiotic groups came in and forced the release of water year around!!Before there were any dams on the river the river would go dry for awhile in the summer which dropped the water level to the point no permanent vegetation ever stayed.Now these same groups are spending millions to keep the vegetation out which the river did naturaly before these idiots came along!!I am 75 years old and saw this happen and know for a fact that people who lived there before dams were put there told how the river went dry nearly every year!!People living there tried to tell these know it all groups what the normal was but no due to a small plover they had to have water year around!!Later they discovered these plovers did not even nest in the river!!These groups are as bad as Peta if not worse!!

  2. Conservation groups have now morphed into government sponsored policy groups. Our tax dollars are going to these groups of people who are working against the immediate interests of the majority of the citizens. All while spewing lies that have many people convinced they are working for their benefit.

  3. Bob Higginbotham says:

    The sierra club has already proven to be myopic imbeciles without concern for anyone or thing beyond their demented ideas. Now they are contemplating being domestic terrorists in order to deprive American citizens from meaningful jobs that will assist our economic development. The pipeline will have minimal impact on the environment while significantly reducing unemployment. The sierra club apparently doesn't care about this country, just their selfish egos.

  4. We NEED the keystone pipeline. The Sierra Club are a bunch a A Holes!

  5. john wayne says:

    frack you sierra, epa. obummer, idiotss

  6. jmsmaxwell says:

    I remember an instance from a few years ago when Florida was suffering from drought inthe glades. The
    state wanted to open hunting of deer the thin out the population at the time. The sierra club protested
    along with some others about how cruel it was to the animinals and after all thier whining and crying the
    hunt was stoped. As a result several hundred deer died from starvation and thirst. This is typical
    of the mindest of those who live in utopian ivory towers and not the real world. They only know the
    BS that is fed to the by idiots like Al Gore and other elitist to make money.

  7. Erik Osbun says:

    The pipeline, if completed, will NOT EVER influence global climate. That is the fallacy promoted by the Sierra Club, which has obviously been infiltrated by Marxists.

  8. Hermann Glockler says:

    These guys at Sierra Club are ignorami nuts, there has not been any Global Warming for the last 16 years, despite the increase in CO2 in the air. CO2 is NOT a greenhouse gas, Sandy was NOT the biggest storm to hit the east coast. Learn history.
    The Chinese will gladly accept the tar sands oil and add to the pollution coming to America from there, plus the tanker transport of oil from the west coast of Canada to China will add to contamination from the dirty bilge water from tankers and risk a huge oil spill.
    The increase in CO2 is beneficial, is increasing food production to feed the growing population.
    The Sierra Club is milking its members for their own personal goals.

  9. hanginjudge says:

    Everyone has a right to free speech of course. They don't however have a right to impose their will on everyone else. So here is a solution:

    The Sierra club has membership roles. Those members and their addresses should be posted in the media . A certain newspaper comes to mind that should be willing to do this since they have already outed gun owners and the paper should be proud to post the names of such a worthy group as the Sierra club.

    The next step is to go to the homes of the Sierra club members and shut off all oil electricity and gas delivery to those homes, which shouldn't really cause much of a problem because, after all they are against such things anyway.

    The benefits of doing this are two fold. The club members prove their allegiance to their cause, and the demand for fuels is lowered which reduces the need for the pipeline. I see it as a win win situation.

    Or on the other hand it just may expose the hypocrisy of these people.

  10. James Fontana says:

    The Sierra Club members should be locked up as home grown terroist. What is more important, a thriving economy ot protecting some animal, bird or bug? These people are in considerate idiots that only are thinking of themselves and their agendas and don't give a rats behind about anybody else. Most have jobs, cars and comfortable homes and don't want other to live that way if it disturbs some critter.

  11. Sierra Club, ,SET THE EXAMPLE : Stop driving your SUVS, CADILLACS, LAND ROVERS and RANGE ROVERS, MERCEDES 500, your personal JETS , AF 1 and 2 , turn the lights OFF on your Estates and Mantions ; Ride a BURRO or DONKEY or HORSE , a Bicycle or WALK ; DO ALL THIS, SET THE EXAMPLE and do not tell me do what I tell you don`t do what I
    ( YOU ) do; that is Brainwashed Socialist Corrupted Liberals Mentality ; until you do that Shut the hell up ,retrieve to your satanic cave and stay there.

  12. Sierra Club,SET THE EXAMPLE : Stop driving your SUVS, CADILLACS, LAND ROVERS and RANGE ROVERS, MERCEDES 500, your personal JETS , AF 1 and 2 , turn the lights OFF on your Estates and Mantions ; Ride a BURRO or DONKEY or HORSE , a Bicycle or WALK ; DO ALL THIS, SET THE EXAMPLE and do not tell me do what I tell you don`t do what I
    ( YOU ) do; until you do that Shut the hell up ,retrieve to your satanic cave and stay there.

  13. Sick people they need to go live in a diffrent country where the stuped people live they would be right at home

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  15. The Sierra Club is lying. The pipeline and what it could deliver are NOT a threat to climate.

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