University Bans WHAT?!?

In the past, universities have banned smoking, guns in dorms, meat, other foods, and more; but you won’t believe the angle the University of Vermont is taking in its quest to be environmentally friendly.


  1. Liberal, statist claptrap!

    • Damn, I'm conservative — and I think bottled water is BS. But, then, I drank out of cow troughs when I was young, and hoses, and creeks. All of this pretty much before the proliferation of plastic.
      BTW, It didn't kill me!

  2. This is our future. These idiot kids who believe this nonsense we are doomed.

  3. jmsmaxwell says:

    I hate those plastic water bottle you see them ever where you turn. They are an eyesour and a blight on
    the econolgy. It effect where I hunt and fish. In some cases it has destroyed good fishing holes and I have
    seen wild bird with those plastic 6 pack rings around their necks and it has caused the death of many
    animinals. If they are not biodegradable in 3 months they should be banned. But I carry a plastic bottle
    with me in my truck. It is made of hard plastic can be refulled at home using tap water that I run thru a
    filter system to remove the bad taste and odor from it.

    • armygruntjoe says:

      I wish you could run Obama through a filter system….but no matter how many times you do, his mouth will always spew stench.

  4. Re4ducing plastic waste is great! However, unless there is a sanitizing station at the fill station germs can grow in the refillable bottles. Unless the filter system includes reverse osmosis, fluoride remains in the tap water in most areas. Ultra violet disinfection would be a plus.

  5. 2WarAbnVet says:

    The kid made one interesting comment near the end of the video, "free to choose". What a radical statement.

  6. blackpowder says:

    thats it, everybody in your bubbles now we can just roll around like a gerbil

  7. hottrodscars says:

    Anybody ever heard of a thermos bottle? I still have a couple of gallon thermos pots for water. I refuse to pay for bottled water, especially at $1.00 to $1.50 per bottle, back in the 60's if you would have tried to sell water like that you'd have been thrown in jail for fraud.

  8. Funny how the hypocritical leftist-types are seen everywhere sipping from their plastic water bottles. Actually, the refill idea is a good one. What's tragic is that they couldn't promote the idea and let the students make a choice….they had to issue a BAN.
    This is grooming these unfortunate young adults to live by the guidance of those whom they "serve", and not teaching them to govern themselves responsibly. Sad.

  9. And, where do you think this bottled water is coming from? No doubt the same aquifer that feeds your tap water. Companies who bottle water, for your safe (???) drinking water are making megabucks, and you are buying into it, thanks to advertisements. "Stupidity is what stupidity does".

  10. a leftist school sorry I attended . Back in 50's when I was a student most of the educators were from NY and I learned a lesson not to believe to their ideas even the mags and books suggested were very liberal.
    A beautiful state turned into a state of nothing, most of the old timers gone could not stand how state was ruined.

  11. why not go back to way it was years ago. We used glass bottles for water, soda drinks, etc. with a deposit
    for the bottle. It made you want to take it back when you got another drink or six pack..

  12. Your thinking is stupid. First off yes there are alot of water bottles, but to ban them and install some machine that some guy is making money off of is not going to stop the pollution of plastic bottles. However, if you idiots would install convenient recycling bins, then you would bring about the need to be conscious of the environment and the need to recycle, instead of just “let’s just ban everything” culture.

  13. Crewdogg927 says:

    The original Overton window push towards bottled water was instituted by soft drink manufactures in the early 90's to capture the young more health conscious generation market share as they were seeing a loss in profits due to sugar drinks slowing in sales. We experienced it during the War, volunteer soldiers in today's Military will not drink out of a water carrying trailer (buffalo) that has sat in the sun for days on end and when you take a camp of 20000 + soldiers and demand that they hydrate and drink 6-8 bottles a day you can imagine the enormity of the task of just recycling the bottles let alone the toxic smoke cloud that burning those bottles creates. I do think these schools have recognized a problem that exists but participation should be encouraged not demanded…"more flies with sugar" How about offering reusable bottles in different colors with the school logo or mascot on them…this could be a winning campaign and do some real good If marketed correctly.

  14. The PETE resin can be completely recycled at a higher rate than even glass and much bottled water is either spring water from natural sources or purified from the same municipal sources as drinking water. n addition much bottled water is processed by reverse osmosis and is as good as water through a filter. In my grandpa's day they just filled a canteen from a water fountain. Same difference.

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