Al Gore sells out global warming cause for millions

You have to admit that since retiring from public office 13 years ago, Al Gore has done pretty well for himself.

He’s won a Nobel Prize and an Oscar for his efforts to publicize the catastrophic effects of global warming. He’s enriched himself to the tune of several hundred million dollars by cleverly investing in government-subsidized green energy businesses and he became a cable television network owner to boot.

He and his partners recently sold their network, Current TV, and made a tidy profit. Mr. Gore’s share? A reported $100 million. Despite his best efforts to get the deal done before the new year to avoid the tax increases foisted on rich people like himself by his fellow Democrats, he failed. Too bad. But then, it only cost him a few extra million dollars. He won’t starve. And he’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that he did his part to help the U.S. government continue to fund programs so vital that not a single spending cut could be found to help reduce the deficit.

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Photo credit: SS&SS (Creative Commons)

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