Goodbye, Lisa Jackson

Sometimes, “good riddance” just doesn’t suffice. It is hard to imagine a bureaucrat who has done more comprehensive damage to American interests than Lisa Jackson, the departing head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

During her four years as administrator, Jackson has put her radical environmental agenda before the wellbeing of the U.S. economy, the integrity of science, and even the structure of the American political system itself.

Start with her regulatory record. Since January 2009, Jackson’s EPA has issued 20 “major” regulations — defined as rules with an economic cost of $100 million or more each year. Incidentally, that $100-million standard looks like a low-ball upon examining many of the Jackson EPA’s own economic-impact statements. These 20 rules carry a total initial cost of $7 billion, a painful capital expenditure demanded of businesses that aspire to meet compliance standards.

And that’s just for starters. These 20 major regulations carry anannual compliance cost of $44.86 billion — that’s right, each and every year. It would be one thing if businesses, shareholders, and consumers paid that $44.86 billion each year in taxes, which would still hurt but at least make a dent in the deficit. But these costs aren’t even taxes. They’re $44.86 billion in sheer waste; money that would otherwise be used productively in the U.S. economy.

In actuality, the direct economic cost of the EPA’s aggressive regulation is considerably higher, but because the agency doesn’t calculate the cost of non-major rules it’s hard to put a number on it. During her first ten months in office, Jackson had already pushed through more EPA rules and regulations than were implemented under Bill Clinton’s entire first term, and Clinton was elected soon after “the EPA had just been handed broad new powers under the 1990 revamp of air pollution laws,” the Wall Street Journal has pointed out.

Read more at National Review Online. By Jillian Kay Melchior.


  1. Let's call for the defunding of the EPA; they won't work against us for free.

    • Right on Pazuzu, we need to do away with the EPA and the bone-heads employed by that bureaucratic mess. Frankly, I doubt our planet is in anywhere near the ecological turmoil the EPA renegades say it is, but if we leave them, and those like them, to dictate what we will and/or will not do, they will be the ones to destroy us.

  2. Elaine Connelly says:

    She is a minion of the "ONE" and as such does his bidding, good riddance to bad rubbish.

  3. tom bierkamp says:

    sambo agreed with all her crap

  4. She is a fat pig and I hope the people make her life a liveing hell she needs to be shiped out of this country and live in a muslim one she wouldnt be so smart I cant stand her she was Ovmits ass kisser I bet she got her share of are money she wont have to work but she better hide because there will be alot of people after her fat butt

  5. GOODBY AND GOOD RIDDANCE TO THIS SOCIALIST OBAMA FOLLOWER. We need to get completly rid of these big government idiots, as far as holding any office is concerned. They should not be confirmed for any office. They are closer to the Nazi type Gestopo than Americanism.

  6. So long and good bye to a totally incompetent Obama radical who was promoting her own (and Obama's)
    personal agenda from the for loon left. This ignorant bitch did more harm to the American way of life in 4 years than EPA has done in decades. We will not miss her.

  7. IvanStronger says:

    LJ may the door slam you hard in the arse as you leave. Not soon enough I might add. Dissovle, defund, and destroy the EPA altogether. NOW!!

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