Government Of, By, And For Environmental Activists

Lisa Jackson’s resignation as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency has focused attention on the “unfinished agenda” she leaves for this agenda-driven agency’s next director (probably Clinton era assistant EPA administrator and current California Air Resources Board chairwoman Mary Nichols).

One of the most notable leftovers involves an activist think tank that recently informed EPA it intends to file a lawsuit demanding that the agency establish a cap-and-trade system for transportation fuels. The group had petitioned EPA in 2009 to regulate and ration how much motor fuel goes into the U.S. economy from refiners and fuel importers – thereby putting EPA in charge of cars, trucks, boats, trains and planes, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent alleged “dangerous manmade global warming.” Jackson’s EPA did not respond, leaving the lawsuit and potential regulations to the next administrator.

The litigious attack dog is the Institute for Policy Integrity, an adviser-ridden think tank lodged at the New York University Law School and supported by foundation grants. Deeply incestuous connections between IPI, anti-fossil fuel groups and EPA officials raise troubling questions: Did the Jackson-era agency invite the lawsuit (or at least welcome the litigation), to “force” it to impose deeply unpopular regulations once President Obama was safely reelected? And why does “integrity” at NYU always seem to mean “do things in accord with left-leaning, anti-hydrocarbon ideologies and agendas”?

IPI was created in 2008 by two NYU professors, Law School Dean Richard Revesz and adjunct professor Michael Livermore, co-authors of Retaking Rationality: How Cost-Benefit Analysis Can Better Protect the Environment and Our Health. They are creating not the rule of law, but the rule of lawyers – in league with activists in and out of government (through a huge revolving door: out of green groups into government, and vice versa) who employ insider knowledge and constant pressure to impose expensive, job-killing rules that Congress never intended and do little for the environment or human health.

The eco-elite’s presence on the IPI’s 22-member advisory board is impressive: high-ranking officials of the Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, World Wildlife Fund, League of Conservation Voters, Resources for the Future and Union of Concerned Scientists. The combined assets of these BANANA groups (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything) exceed $885 million.

Read more at Right Side News. By Ron Arnold.

Photo credit: Rainforest Action Network (Creative Commons)

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