Jackson leaves EPA to mixed reviews

A hero to the environmental movement and a constant thorn in the sides of Republicans and the energy sector, outgoing Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson presided over one of the most controversial and dramatic periods in the agency’s history.

She made her mark by helping craft new automobile fuel standards, imposing a ban on new coal-fired power plants, and being among the loudest in calling for action to combat climate change.

But Ms. Jackson, who announced her resignation Thursday after four years at the helm of the EPA, also sustained several legal defeats and embarrassments during her tenure. Among Republicans and many in the fossil-fuels industry, she has dragged the agency’s scientific credibility to an all-time low after failed attempts to tie hydraulic fracturing to water contamination in Texas, Wyoming and Pennsylvania.

She also is departing as the EPA and two House committees investigate her use of secret email accounts.

Less than a year ago, one of Ms. Jackson’s top deputies, Al Armendariz, was forced to resign after promising to “crucify” oil and gas companies in order to set an example for the rest of the industry.

Read More at The Washington Times . By Ben Wolfgang.

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