EPA Administrator Jackson announces resignation

WASHINGTON (AP) — EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, the Obama administration’s chief environmental watchdog, is stepping down after nearly four years marked by high-profile brawls over global warming pollution, the Keystone XL oil pipeline, new controls on coal-fired plants and several other hot-button issues that affect the nation’s economy and people’s health.

Jackson constantly found herself caught between administration pledges to solve thorny environmental problems and steady resistance from Republicans and industrial groups who complained that the agency’s rules destroyed jobs and made it harder for American companies to compete internationally.

The GOP chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan, said last year that Jackson would need her own parking spot at the Capitol because he planned to bring her in so frequently for questioning. Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney called for her firing, a stance that had little downside during the GOP primary.

Jackson, 50, the agency’s first black administrator and a chemical engineer, did not point to any particular reason for her departure. Historically, Cabinet members looking to move on will leave at the beginning of a president’s second term.

Despite the opposition, which former EPA chiefs have said is the worst they have seen against the agency, Jackson still managed to take significant steps that will improve air quality and begin to curb global warming.

“I will leave the EPA confident the ship is sailing in the right direction, and ready in my own life for new challenges, time with my family and new opportunities to make a difference,” she said in a statement. Jackson will leave sometime after President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union address, typically in late January.

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  1. Great news, let's just hope BO does not nominate someone worse.


  3. GOODBY, and plese hurry thru the door out. Good ridance to an anti-American socialist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. In the fundamental transformation of America, Lisa Jackson became an integral part of legislation by fiat and czarist regulation. She will be missed, but since nature (and administrations) abhors a vacuum, her position will most certainly be filled with someone worse. There shall be a like-minded regulator to guide America in the best, leftist traditions until the day that all carbon-based and nuclear energy sources are erased from the land and America is truly a third world nation.

  5. harold Clark says:

    GOODBY, please hurry thru the exit door, Good ridance to an anti-American socilaist, Obama pawn.

  6. Doctor_Bob says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish! Now, I can't wait to see who Obummer inflicts on us as the next EPA Dictator. They've almost destroyed all American industry. With a little more effort, I am sure they can take our economy down to the level of Zimbabwe before 2016.

  7. What a Blessing; she needs to retrieve to her satanic cave and take a few more to keep her company.
    The price we pay for epa is 325Billions a year.

  8. This isnt the first time to the rodeo for this socialist…in 2008 a Justice Department (before Eric "Fast and Furious" Holder) investigation led to several guilty pleas from New Jersey Dept of Environmental Protection contractors under Jackson's watch, who were involved in a Superfund clean-up kickback conspiracy.

  9. chefrobert1407 says:

    So what, All they will do is replace her with another corrupt petty Bureaucrat. The EPA like all the rest of the corrupt Agencies and their corrupt bureaucrats are out there to destroy the Republic. Your own Senator and so called representative has sold out and given total power to these Agencies of which we do not vote for or have any rights to question. Want to balance the Federal Budget, cut the funding for all these Agencies by 50% and that would solve the problem. Then maybe Businesses could once again flourish. Of course this a dream to get an honest government. The only way is for all thinkers, builders and those that accomplish things, is to strike, shut down, and then the Looters and Moochers can fight over what is left of the carcass. I have already written my so called Senator(who sold out for his portion of the blood stain silver) that he should resign in shame.

  10. All law-making agencies should either be reined in or abolished! There is no USC authority for their creation in the first place. The fines the EPA imposes are egregious, and their rules are totally inane. No more land grabs by the government! So much land is now under the EPA control that it will soon own more arable land than the total population of farmers own as a block! We have allowed each POTUS to set up new agencies that further restrict our Constitutional freedoms, and we send the same Congressmen/women back to do more of the same! OSHA and the EPA are rogue agencies that need to be shut down immediately! We must push for term limits in both houses of Congress! The Founding Fathers did not intend for tenure in government to become a life-long career with tons of benefits in the after-congress-life, nor did they intend for service IN Congress to become a wealth-making enterprise. They stipulated in their writings that it should be AT A SACRIFICE. Oh, i guess it is a sacrifice On the part of the constituents!!! Certainly no Congressman/woman serves at any personal sacrifice and each of them walks away with millions of taxpayer dollars, an enhanced portfolio and lifetime benefits that rival those of major corporations. Talk about corruption!! We who worked hard all of our lives must live on a paltry SS when health keeps us from continuing to work, but our Congress-folk go blythely on their merry way scorffing up more of the wealth and complaining about "greedy executives." What chutzpah! What double-speak! They rank among the wealthiest in the nation – many of them wealthier than the highest paid corporate executive. But they continue to bleed us dry with regulation after regulation and reckless spending – such as allowing the POTUS and family a $4-mil vacation in Hawaii while we foot the bill. i couldn't afford a Christmas tree this year. i can't afford the gas to heat my home, so i have to use electric heaters to stay warm here in the snow-laden midwest. But let's not let our POTUS miss a day of golfing in paradise, eh?

  11. The EPA was carrying out Bo's plans to bankrupt the power producing companies. He made that quite
    clear before he was elected. Lisa Jackson was a willing tool for him to carry out that plan. The next
    EPA thug will be as bad or worse and continue to act like a dictator over our nation. The global warming
    hoax that was first started by Al (Da Whale) Gore was put forth for one reason only and when he made his
    money he laughed and quite. The only Global Warming is done by nature and not by man, that is pure
    BS to give them an excuse to close the coal mines, power plants and any other energy producing jobs
    that they do not like. The science has aleady proven that what they are claiming is pure BS and political
    lies for thier own benifet. But the socialist POS in the White House and his minions are using that
    lie for their own benifet against Americans.

  12. Glad to here she is leaveing I hope she has a life that is pure hell she done need anything good to happen in her life not what she has put us trough I hope her rules come back on her and make her suffer

  13. the "communist" org. known as the EPA needs abolished ASAP. Jackson will be held accountable along with the rest of these commie germs. Each and every one of them. Taxpayers pay over 350 billion dollars for this out of control communist agency. Shut D.C. down, cut all this govt back to a skeleton crew. They are all guilty of treason for starters. Remove and replace. America is absolutely no place for communists. Period. Then, let's get this Country up and ticking again. Ranch,Farm,Drill,Textiles,Mining-GO-GO-GO.

  14. We may never know the true reason for her sudden departure. I'm sure her allegedly legal secret second e-mail had something to do with it. She really deserves to be brought before a grand jury for abuse of power and malfeasance in office. Under her leadership the EPA did as much to stunt the growth of this country as did her boss.

  15. She can go out and clean up the bird carnage she caused by supporting the stupid wind turbines. When the subsidies run out they can figure out what to do with all those 50 ton turbines that will be raining down on people. That is what you get with all those paper brains and no common sense.

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