What Is EPA Chief Lisa Jackson Hiding?

Lisa Jackson is the boss at one of the most contentious government agencies in the Obama administration and is responsible for numerous controversial actions that will have a significant financial effect on American consumers: the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

So it’s no wonder Congress is miffed to discover that her decision-making process on key issues was conducted in the most secretive manner Washington has ever devised—under an alias.

Jackson’s secret identity email account name is “Richard Windsor.” The name is part family dog (Richard) and part hometown (East Windsor, N.J.), and it turns out there are at least 12,000 recently discovered but as yet undisclosed emails using her government-approved pseudonym that has prompted two congressional inquiries and an inspector’s general (IG) investigation.

“Our objective is to determine whether EPA follows applicable laws and regulations when using private and alias email accounts to conduct official business,” said the IG’s notice last week announcing the audit.

Meanwhile, the congressional panels want to know how the use of an alias affects transparency—a practice that President Barack Obama pledged to uphold to the highest standard when he was first elected to that office.

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  1. Lisa Jackson and her EPA are repressive, and unconstitutional, in that the powers that she has bestowed on herself and are far reaching, and even given by the president have been nothing more than a bluff when it comes to closing business doors on some contrived environmental explanation without due process. Even one blunder by her, should be enough for Congress to shut the agency down and never again put into the hands of those who lack environmental expertise, but who operate from a political point of view, which smacks entirely of illegal preventions and closures..

    • Richard Cancemi says:

      Congress is too afraid to even assert their own rights let alone the rights of business and the public in general.
      I doubt that they have the courage collectively to confront and pass legislation to end the EPA- a sorely needed action. This EPA has the general public fooled, as does the Liberal /Socialists in the Democratic Party., into believing it acts in their favor. The truth is that it acts contrary to USA's interests but does act as an arm of the UN's Agenda 21, setting the scene for the collapse of America and the imposition of Agenda 21.
      They are today's equivalent of the bullying Nazi Brown Shirts who set the scene for Hitler's rise to dictatorship. We don't need or want a Fuhrer Obama!

  2. Nothing WELL happen and that one CAN take to the bank…

  3. jheasler12175 says:

    Good riddance to the Nazi Witch. Her department assumed police-state like powers that Congress never intended it to have. She, along with the Chicago gang in the White House have turned the administration into a
    criminal enterprise. For the WH, EPA, and Department of Injustice under Eric Holder the Constitution is nothing more than an obstruction to their cockamamie schemes for wealth redistribution and for Black Retribution.

  4. They will just replace her with another just like her…they have a bottomless well of people to choose from.

  5. Dan Stewart says:

    Replacing her will affect nothing, her replacement will be worse. The only thing that will work is to defund the epa. However, the ultimate solution is to get rid of the top c*mmie dog eating m*slim in charge. Voting is not the solution as Nov 6 2012 demonstrated. The more conservatives who vote, the more dead people the dems pull out of the ground to vote. Nothing has been, or ever will be done about the massive voter fraud last November. I don't forsee the US recovering from obummer anytime soon, if ever. Welcome to the new third world country of the ussa.At my age I won't have to live under king obama very long, & if I get sick, obamacare will make sure of it.

  6. Chicago should be free of crime for the next four years as Obama has brought all his thugs to D.C.

  7. Lisa is a lying fat pig I hope they find so much on her she will rott in prison for distroying are america EPA is no good and needs to be closed down

  8. The best thing that could happen is if congress would resend the decrees & sanctions the EPA has passed over the last 4-8 years, then fire 9 out od 10 lawers employed by the EPA, then move to defund it.

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