EPA building to be named after Bill Clinton

WASHINGTON — Fourteen years after his impeachment, former President Bill Clinton is about to get a big building named after him in Washington.

While partisan divides continued to prevent lawmakers from avoiding the “fiscal cliff” the country faces, the Senate and the House of Representatives voted unanimously this week to rename the Environmental Protection Agency headquarters on Pennsylvania Avenue the William Jefferson Clinton Federal Building.

After President Barack Obama signs the bill into law, the Clinton building at 1200 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. will stand one block from the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, between the U.S. Capitol and the White House.

Clinton and Reagan are among a handful of presidents with major buildings or monuments bearing their names in the nation’s capital, which itself carries the name of the first president, George Washington.

“President Clinton not only protected the environment, which saved thousands of lives, he also maintained a strong economy and created jobs,” said Sen. Barbara Boxer, the California Democrat who sponsored the measure honoring Clinton.

Read more at McClatchy DC. By James Rosen.

Photo credit: Center for American Progress (Creative Commons)


  1. very good, putting Slick Willies name on a political whore house for pandering ecogays

  2. Will they pass out cigars and give instruction on how to use them. Maybe on the directory they will tell us what meaning of IT is?

  3. Jeronimo Dan says:

    Will it be built in the shape of a cigar?

  4. I think they should name it the Clinton-Lewinsky Building………

  5. Will it have a special Hillary Clinton Benghazi Leadership wing?
    How about a Waco Population Carbon Footprint Reduction display?
    Maybe a Reducing Serbia To Renewable Rubble department?

  6. John Stewart says:

    Kiss the in butts and you will get whatever you want. The founding fathers would be so proud of everyone playing at government today, left/right/center, they are all hypocrites.

  7. I guess it pays to have lack of integrity, honesty and character — can Hillary be far behind?

  8. Very appropriate, si8nce the EPA is raping the people of America, why not have it named after the once rapist in chief., Just ask some of the women that were trashed when they accused him of rape.

  9. They need to build a prison with his name on it for him and Hilary for all the people they have murder there day will come

  10. Time for another movie. This time THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN D.C.

  11. That's very good for the kids to read in the history books. This man is a criminal of the worse kind, unless rape was lessened to just a "horny moment." Teach the kids how to act if they go into politics. Be sure to wear suspenders, That way they won't have to fuss with a belt. Be sure to do em all to ensure that they will name something big after you.

  12. Probably a political payoff for not opposing Obama during the election. Regardless it is a major insult to the honest hardworking American citizens.

    • Funny, that was my first reaction to the story. Obama is very well known for generously rewarding his friends/donors and viciously going after his enemies or perceived enemies. Naming the building after Clinton is a nice thank you for Clinton holding his nose and speaking well of Obama. When you see Clinton and Obama together, the body language says that Clinton doesn't really like Obama, just tolerates him.

  13. Clinton is a fine example to indicate just how low this country's morals have sunk. I cannot believe his audacity to write a book and stay in the limelight. Hillary is of the same ilk, they make a good pair in that both have more balls than a brass monkey!!!

  14. Oh, Goody! I'm sure Monica's picture will hang front and center.

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