Global Warming: Man-Made, Woman-Suffered

One of the most ridiculous claims made by the global warming alarmists…


  1. How stupid are these people believe that they control climate is beyond me Delusions of grandure. As far as I see these scientist that are spewing chemicals in the air creating more damage then anything that regular people are doing its all about the left propaganda on controling ever aspect of our lives Its a hoax and a bunch of hooey

    • Absolutely it's a bunch of hooey! It's a scientifically provable FACT there has been NO global warming in the last 16 years! Predicted hurricanes & severe weather is DOWN! Algore, G.E. & the rest of the hoaxers have gotten rich—that's the only result. The E.P.A. needs to be defunded & disbanded. They've accomplished not one positive thing for this country or her people! NONE!

  2. BigBadWolf says:

    The geologists tell us that there were epochs, more than one, wherein all the continents were tropical, and many of these occured long before humankind was on the scene. Can one of these dunderheads explain how that could have happened?

  3. Looks like they got rid of this veido already

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