Idiocracy Report: The Carbon Tax

The hypocrisy of governments and the shakedown of the global population’s individual prosperity continues.


  1. Screw the carbon foot print tax and global warming garbage tax and obama.Tax this tax that what else can you tax ,I'm sure you'll come up with another tax.

    • Idiocy report indeed! EVERYTHING thus useless Boob in the White House is idiocy in the extreme. He SO needs to be impoeached, removed from office as the fraud he is & has been!

  2. Clearly the goal is to shut down America – and it's working, ONLY IF WE LET IT!

  3. It is extortion by government.

  4. John Stewart says:

    I wonder if the Obama support would still be there if the words "carbon tax" were changed to "Marxism or Socialism"?

  5. John Stewart says:

    Hypocracy is alive and well in DC.

  6. As if we aren't being taxed enough to increase the support to the welfare state. Government report indicates every family in the poverty level are given $168.00/day which adds up to be $61,300/yr and this is not taxed. We need to fight this.

  7. What Obama and his EPA really want is for we peasants to pay his EPA for the privilege to live and breathe. Thrown the traitorous piece of dung out on his Arse.

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