New EPA Mandated Ethanol Fuel Harms Vehicles

The EPA’s latest biofuel initiative may cause substantial damage to vehicles, but why let the effects of bad policy get in the way of  implementing unnecessary, burdensome policy?

The EPA recently approved E15, a gasoline blend containing up to fifteen percent ethanol.  According to AAA, less than five percent of cars on the road are approved by automakers to use E15. The AAA surveyed motorists and found that ninety-five percent hadn’t heard of the new fuel.

Not only are consumers unaware of E15, but research indicates the newly approved biofuel may have damaging longterm affects on unapproved vehicles. According to AAA automotive engineering experts:

AAA automotive engineering experts also have reviewed the available research and believe that sustained use of E15 in both newer and older vehicles could result in significant problems such as accelerated engine wear and failure, fuel-system damage and false “check engine” lights for any vehicle not approved by its manufacturer to use E15.

Read more at FreedomWorks. By Kemberlee Kaye.

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