Pros and cons of Keystone XL pipeline aired one last time

ALBION, Neb. — Tom Briese had questions about the Keystone XL pipeline when he first learned that the controversial project was being rerouted across his farmland.

Would it disrupt his operation? Would it contaminate the groundwater he pumps for irrigation? Would it be a good deal for him and his community?

In the end, the Albion-area farmer said, he’s become a supporter — not only because the nation needs crude oil from Canada and jobs for a sluggish economy — but also because it would deliver $800,000 or more a year in additional property taxes to the local school district.

Everything has risks, Briese said, but he’s convinced that any leaks would cause only local damage and would be outweighed by the benefits.

“The majority of my neighbors in the path of the pipeline agree,” he said.

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