EPA’s Human Testing Brought To Light

The Environmental Protection Agency will ring in the New Year with a court hearing over its years of human experiments.

Author and JunkScience.com publisher Steve Milloy, who is involved in the case, tells OneNewsNow the court date is set for January 4.

“EPA is, in our opinion, conducting illegal human experiments at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine,” Milloy reports. “EPA is, for example, pumping very high concentrations of diesel exhaust into the lungs of elderly people … asthmatics and people with metabolic syndrome. We’re trying to get it stopped.”

Read more at OneNewsNow.com. By Chris Woodward.


  1. This goes along with Obamacare. They do not want to treat us after age 72 so they will KILL us.

  2. When you read what EPA was actually doing you think we are back in Hitler's Germany.

  3. We are back in Hitler's Germany. In fact what we have here is the combo dish of Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia.

    • Dissgussted says:

      @Gina & Whitetop, Early on I said that BHO was similar to Hi***r, which was pooh-poohed. Add to that the power of technological surveillance that didn't exist in Germany or Russia and it is truly awful. This EPA represents the worst of ou out-of-control bloated bureaucracy.

  4. John Stewart says:

    It might be a good question to ask Lisa (Goebbels) Jackson; "Would you stick one of those exhaust pipes in your mouth"?

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