Obama doing an ‘End run’ around Congress over energy?

Here is a recent report from Fox News…


  1. Margaret Paddock says:

    This is pure B.S. that is a back door deal with the U.N. It's all about giving control of America over to them.

    • carolyn Mortensen says:

      I agree, Margaret, this is pure B.S. Its all about One World Order. Wake up America!! We are in deep Dew Do.

  2. It's all about the UN Agenda 21. Our greatest protection against all these UN programs is for the US to get the hell out of the UN and get the UN out of the US. Obama can lie with a straight face so it is more important to watch what he does; not what he says. He doesn't believe in the laws that govern this country so he makes his own as he goes.

  3. Doing his job? Dang – and all this time I thought his job was to represent the people of the US!

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