The Goal of the Post-Progressive Environmentalist is Hurting People

What happened to the “Land of the Free,” it is gone! Freedom in America is on a continuous slide and it seems to have been that way since the first progressives. It appears that those who consider themselves progressives believe that they understand what is best for the rest of us. That is why they are progressive and this is a joke. Environmentalism and especially today’s post-progressive environmentalist is a small part of a greater picture concerning the loss of freedom in America today. It is the hi-jacking of America by a small percentage of self-deluded environmentalists who in essence hate themselves that citizens need to be aware of.

The Post-progressives are today very illogical and contradictory in how they hope to save the environment as is seen below. American stewardship of the land is dissipating due to the new environmentalism being practiced in America. It is true today that the “We the People” no longer control how the material benefits of the country is disbursed for the betterment of all. It is a small percentage of Americans who force all of us to pay a growing price for the actions of overzealous post-progressive environmentalists.

Post-progressive environmentalists in reality seem to care more about animals than they care about human beings. President Obama the post-progressive and his cronies at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Interior are taking away valuable American land from the American people. It is analogous to mouth balling certain areas of the country in order to save the land from the very people that it belongs to. The thing that is most offensive is the manner and how these two agencies do their dirty deeds. It is equal to a kid on drugs who steals money from the family to support their habit. The post-progressive environmentalist will not stop its addiction from taking away the American peoples natural resources.

One example is the Department of the Interior and the Interior Secretary Ken Salazar wanting to take half of Alaska and half of America’s petroleum reserves off limits to drilling. Secretary Salazar states that Alaska is “an iconic place on earth.” His statement is what is troublesome because it is a globalist statement. The statement is not one expected from a presidential appointed American leader who is trying to take away trillions of dollars in oil reserves not to mention other resources that belong to the American people.

Secretary Salazar is not happy with only wanting half of Alaska he is also concerned about saving one million acres around the Grand Canyon from the big bad mining companies on this specific federal land. At least Secretary Salazar considers the Grand Canyon “priceless American landscape.” It appears the heart of the American west is not up for negotiations with the new globalist regime in the United Nations.\

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Photo credit: Rainforest Action Network (Creative Commons)


  1. pookieamos says:

    Salazar is another robustly inSANE cowboy that needs to be retired ! It's time to send these criminals to jail. I don't recall the Constitution giving these insane leftist the kind of powers they decree to themselves. The Republicans had better get off their backsides and do something, you can only push Americans SO FAR !!!!! Can there be any doubt that our wise, brave founding fathers would have put up with this crap coming from the new Commiecrats ?????

    • Schwepp says:

      There is no constitutional authority for the federal government to “own” land. It’s about time the Conservatives in all of the states use eminent domain to take back the peoples lands.

      One definition of Communism is government owning/controlling the means of production; and the land is the ultimate means of production.

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