Exposed: Global Warming Indoctrination At Schools

Our kids are being brainwashed and frightened at school by their teachers. Find out just what your child is being subjected to at school on a daily basis, as their teachers indoctrinate them into the fraudulant catastrophic global warming theory.


  1. victorbarney says:

    As I made comment on in another post, once our educational system became nationalized by Tommy Dewey of New York grandiosity for FDR(1943?), they(educational system) too became MARXIST(ANTI-CHRIST) IN DEMEANOR, WITH THE MARXIST-MANDATED "LIE" IN REGARDS TO SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE BEING FOREVER(IN THIS WORLD) TERMINATED! DID I MENTION THAT OUR MORE VERBALLY AFFLUENT "SEX" ALSO MAKE-UP THE LARGEST VOTING BLOCK? Again, a little history…

    • This whole global warming/climate change hooey is nothing but a hoax, has been from day one. It is scientifically demonstrable that there has been NO global warming in the last 16 years. Fewer hurricanes than predicted. Fewer severe weather events than predicted. This nonsense in school needs to be stopped, immediately, if not sooner. It's nothing but preparation for U.N. Agenda 21, which is totally evil. Google it, I dare you.

      • Take the g-d school districts to court for treason, one at a time! There must be enough evidence for even the most incompetent lawyers to make some headway.

      • Bob, I wish more people {sheeple} would read the book, agenda 21, God bless Glenn Beck! I am talking to anybodies ear I can. most of them don't know what UNs agenda 21 is. we need to get more involved in what the public schools are teacihng, and yes go after the mind-numb, robot teachers. stand up and if they are teaching this…make them prove it with facts

  2. I got thrown out of my daughter's school a few years ago and am not allowed to set foot on school grounds. All because of some crack pot teacher who was teaching about 'pollution' and 'global warming' apparently ONLY caused by Americans. There was also some kind of demonstration with chocolate chip cookies, whereby the student who represented the US (happened to be my daughter) was reviled by the other students for not 'sharing' the cookie. My student was also BULLIED by her teacher over this 'demonstration' of the evil of America. I believe that my daughter was deliberately CHOSEN by her idiotic teacher for the task of being the US because the teacher was resentful of my daughter's achievements. So the global warming hoax can and is being used to punish students who represent a work ethic and obtain straight A's. Or maybe it's punishment for the students' PARENTS views. It's so damaging for children to be exposed to this kind of 'teaching'.

  3. jmsmaxwell says:

    The miscreants who are spewing this garbage should be taken out and horsewhipped in the public
    suqare for the filth they are spewing. They should be forced to teach the truth or lose their teaching
    credentials. Weather patterns change constantly and have been doing so since earth was created.
    It will continue to change in a natral seqence of events until the end of time regardless of whether or
    not man is still here. The changes are based upon proven scientific priciples and studies of weather
    paterns over many centuries. They are based upon solar flares, position of the moon and the earth
    orbit thru our solar system. Polution is man made in many cases and the developing naitons contribute
    to the polution. Many of the so called eco friendly producte are destructive in their manufacturing and
    leave polution when they are discarded. We have destroyed many old growth forest for profit and greed.
    This is especiall true in third world countries that are trying to improve their lot in life. The so called Global
    Warming people such as Al Gore are using a lot of hype and BS to convince people they know how to
    stop the problem.

    • the big problem is that they are teaching the "truth" as they were taught in college and it has been going on for most of the past one hundred years

    • I know a way to start shutting this whole HOAX down, you cut the snake's head off. I pray every day that Al Gore is o his way to hell…see what real eternal warming really is. Get that BIG SWEATY ASS out of the picture

  4. Paul Saunders says:

    I agree that the Global Warming Crisis is a myth and a scientific fraud to grab money and grow government power. However, this 14-minute video exposing the school indoctrination and the scientific fraud is badly flawed itself with many careless mistakes that could have been easily avoid had the creator taken a few extra minutes in making it.

    Mistakes in the video

    Instill is mis-spelled as “instil”

    Mis-spells IPCC Chairman’s name as Patchuri. It is actually Rajendra Pachauri.

    Video Chyron’s mis-spell James Hansen’s name as “Hanson” despite his name being correctly spelled on the charts used in the video.

    Also GCM does not stand for “Global Climate Model,” but rather for “General Circulation Model.”

  5. Listen especially to the last guy in line.

  6. this is all part of the AGENDA of ……….. AGENDA 21………………. read it!
    Penned by Maurice Strong who is a good "friend" of George Soros who is behind the PLANNED collapse of the US Economy……………..
    Join me and those who want to STOP this march by going to and reading our last chance of this last FRAUDULENT election!! we have 15 days…..Dec 17th is IT!

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