House Republicans step up pressure on EPA over controversial Alaska mine assessment

House Republicans have stepped up their pressure against the EPA over the agency’s perceived attempt to preemptively stop mining operations from occurring in Bristol Bay, Alaska.

On Thursday, Georgia Republican Rep. Paul Broun sent a letter to EPA chief administrator Lisa Jackson, questioning the EPA’s watershed assessment of a hypothetical mine in Bristol Bay and an accompanying peer-reviewed report.

Broun expressed concerns about the EPA attempting to create another avenue to block mining operations.

Read more at The Daily Caller. By Michael Bastasch.

Photo credit: Wonderlane (Creative Commons)


  1. Charles Bond says:

    If I were a Governor, I would hold special voting for The People of ( not my ) but our State. If The People vote to throw the EPA and all their shackling rules out of the State, the EPA would no longer be active in our State and that would go for some judges as well as most special interest groups. We would even let the people have their say and not let one atheist tell the People anything when it comes to their faith. Even the schools or Any Washington controlled agency would have to be led by the People or be escorted out of the State. That is Government Of The People, By The People and For The People………………….Charles of Waveland, MS.

    • Good points all but it is going to take pressure from the people to get the ball rolling. EPA has been doing the people dirt ever since Jackboots Lisa took over and with the exception of the good senator from OK, James Inhofe, there hasn't been much pressure from our elected officials. With a member of the house starting to question EPAs action maybe the house will start withholding funds.

  2. Go and see what they done to WV economy! no jobs!

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