A Supremely Important Decision About America’s Logging Industry

On December 3, the U.S. Supreme Court will consider who is best suited to set national environmental policy – the experienced scientists and regulators at the Environmental Protection Agency or activist trial lawyers.

In Pacific West v. Northwest Environmental Defense Center (also known as Decker v. NEDC) the justices will review a 2011 Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision that overturned 35 years of EPA Clean Water Act regulation of the logging industry, the source of 2.5 million American jobs.  The high court will decide between two theories of regulation: (1) the law tells states (as the EPA insists) to regulate runoff from logging roads via “Best Management Practices” (which are flexible, federally supervised standards tailored to local conditions, that activists cannot challenge in court); or (2) the law requires (as the Ninth Circuit says) “point source” permits usually reserved for factories, mines and chemical plants, and subject to court challenges.

This arcane technical dispute has real-world consequences.

Read more at Forbes. By Henry I. Miller.

Photo credit: crows_wood (Creative Commons)


  1. first 1800 jobs from twinlies and now 2.5 million jobs. The liberal wackos are out of the gate with a vengeance to destroy the country

  2. Chances are not one of them of the epa has ever operated a chain saw. More than likely not one of them would know how to hold one. These are the people that want to take away just another freedom of the men that fell trees just to keep warm in winter.

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  3. Coos Bay, Oregon, the only deep water port between Seattle and San Francisco, used to be the
    world's (yes !) largest wood products port. Then came Clinton's forest policies, the spotted owl and
    other nonsense resulting in our county (Coos) having the highest unemployment rate in the country,
    same for so many other counties all over the northwest. This was government-created poverty and
    misery. Instead of money-making export, we saw import of logs from Mexico, New Zealand, Finland,
    Russia, Canada and more. Totally perverted ! And now the EPA shall go in for the kill since we managed
    to survive the last attack ?! Those who cannot create destroy, and the EPA is helping this administration
    ruin every industry in America. Congress is impotent and does nothing to charge anyone with treason.
    Are there no real American MEN and women left in high offices ?

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