Global Warming Mission Creep At The World Bank

Global Gov’t: This year’s climate change report by the World Bank is a frightening screed filled with warnings of apocalyptic doom. Doesn’t this organization have anything better to do than to needlessly scare people?

The World Bank was established in 1944 as a “facilitator of post-war reconstruction and development.” That job done, it now has a “present-day mandate of worldwide poverty alleviation.”

In taking on that burden, it has assured itself it will never fade away, because as long as there are humans, we’ll have poverty, which guarantees that World Bankers will always have jobs trying (but never succeeding) in lifting the poor through means that continuously fail.

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim got it half-right when he said, “We will never end poverty if we don’t tackle climate change.” Poverty has always been, and, unfortunately, always will be part of the human condition. The World Bank will never end it.

But he’s got it 100% wrong about the importance of the World Bank tackling climate change. If it doesn’t, nothing will be lost. But if it does, lots is locked in. Policy changes to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions, which the World Bank supports, will be costly.

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  1. a beuracrat will always find a way it keep his job, expand his work force, and increase pay and benefits for himaelf and ias agency, and try to acquire more power

  2. If you have any doubts about whether the climate alarmists are alarmists then take a look at the article on "How Unusual was the 20the Century Global Warming?". In summary- "it should be clear to all that 20th-century-type global warming occurred multiple times over the course of the Holocene, and that it was significantly exceeded many more times during the glacial period that preceded it. And, of course, none of those earlier "regime changes" was associated with atmospheric CO2 concentration changes anywhere near what occurred over the 20th century. Hence, it should be readily evident to most rational people that anthropogenic CO2 emissions have likely had next to nothing to do with the global warming of the 20th-century, which the world's climate alarmists irrationally continue to attribute to them."

    Clearly, how could global climate change be caused by humans release of co2 in the 20th century when there was no significant release of co2 by humans in past global warmings which were of equal or greater magnitude. Did someone (God?) change the way the global climate works? Please stop and think a little. How could co2 cause global warming this time and not the times before? Do you really believe that Mother Nature changes her laws willy nilly? The laws of physics are not subject to change!

    • The bloated, obese, ravenous, and insatiable "Octopus" named "Global Warming" has tentacles spread all over the world! The billions spent on new entities that were crafted to justify the enormous amount of money spent for this "cause", have nothing to do with global warming! Find a cleaner, more efficient and cheaper JET FUEL! Then you would be tackling something that is truly beneficial! Nature has a way of "cleansing" herself from debri! It has happened numerous times before cars were even built! Sure hope she "cleans debri" out of our Government! And we can help her by making sure that these "rubber crutches" are never elected again!

  3. Global warming is caused by the heat coming from the heads of the people pushing global warming.

  4. Didn't we, at one time in the past, have a very warm climate and then an Ice Age and then again a warm climate, which is beginning to get as warm as the one we had a few million years ago? I believe instead of blaming things on natural phenominon, the nuttsy set wants to blame civilization as the cause, granted, we haven't helped much but we also aren't 100% to blame. I believe, if there was anyway that they could get human beings to believe it, they would blame the last climate change on Dinosaurs driving SUV's or the cave men polluting the air with to many wood burning fires in an effort to keep themselves warm at night, or the fact that they learned meat and other food tasted better cooked over fire, than eaten raw.
    Fire Good,Ugh.

  5. I fullheartedly agree with the position that "man made global warming" is a hoax.

    I run a small policy research firm in Germany and we look in certain strategic issues like energy politics. So we have spent a reasonable amount of time to investigate the climate debate. Most interestingly, the most rigorous scrutinizing of the CO2 dogma has been done not by US but by a number of German scientists which we have now started to call "the German School".

    Maybe our findings are interesting for this community:

    Best regards
    Klaus Ermecke
    KE Research
    Oberhaching, Germany

  6. Poverty and climate change are not complementary. Poverty and government are complementary.

    • Well said. We have spent billions to fight poverty under LBJs Great Society and we still have poverty. Charles Barkley said poor people have been voting democrat for 60 years and they are still poor. That tells the story.

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